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Herobrine In Real Life

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Without any promotion Herobrine In Real Life gained over $14,000.
Amassed top notch reviews. And even made a few grown men cry (of laughter).

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Follow Stevi and Henry in their next adventures In wonderland and Minecraft.

Awesome Book. I luv how the main guy is a girl that’s good for me cuz IMA girl but all the good Minecraft books r about boys good book plz make a sequel see ya” – Maeve M.

  • 700+ copies Sold. 75% 75%
  • 150 – 5 Star reviews 98% 98%
minecraft in real life aj diaz
stevi and henry's adventures in wonderland

Minecraft In Real Life

This book is being read to my nine year old grandson by his father, my eldest son, and by myself to my seven year old grandson. Until this book, my seven year old grandson has been in a long running phase in which he only wanted to read or have read to him non-fiction. But the response to this book has been unbelievable. He loves it, as does my nine year old grandson. And it is simply amazing and wonderful to see the interaction between my seven year old grandson and the story it tells. We are constantly talking about what is happening and what the characters could do when we are reading it. This title is a great story and well written and highly recommended and you don’t have to be a fan of Minecraft to enjoy it. And I certainly hope the author is considering writing another novel. – John Walsh

Herobrine In Real Life

Nice book! The plotline’s exciting, intense, and edgy, but not too much to scare away readers, your Herobrine is a fresh look on the character, Stevi and Henry are awesome, and the book’s impossible to put down! Five stars! – Regan Archer
I bought this book for my grandson and he read it in two days ! – Patricia Gerfin

Stevi and Henry Adventures In Wonderland


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stevi and henry's adventures in wonderland