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Herobrine In Real Life

Brought to you by In The Light Press, INC.

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Without any promotion Herobrine In Real Life gained over $14,000.
Amassed top notch reviews. And even made a few grown men cry (of laughter). View on amazon here.

From Our Readers

Nice book! The plotline’s exciting, intense, and edgy, but not too much to scare away readers, your Herobrine is a fresh look on the character, Stevi and Henry are awesome, and the book’s impossible to put down! Five stars! – Regan Archer

From Our Readers

I bought this book for my grandson and he read it in two days ! – Patricia Gerfin

stevi and henry's adventures in wonderland

Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

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AJ Diaz

AJ Diaz


My name is AJ, and I’m thirty-years old, and I don’t like snow. And I write books.
I wrote thirty books before my thirtieth birthday as a present for myself.

I also didn’t write this paragraph.

And I’m going to make a cup of coffee soon. I love coffee.

And you’re here because I write books. Good to meet you. Let’s talk soon.

Interested in writing your own story?

Contrary to what you may think, we do more than just look good in a suit. We genuily love writing captivating stories. So much so we even do it for others! [aka ghostwriting]
If you’ve ever wanted to take your channel to the next level we can take you there with a book themed off your channel.

  • If you make minecraft battle royale content, let’s write a thrilling novel.
  • If you have specific characters, let’s throw them in a whole new kind of literary adventure.
  • If you make building content, let’s compile it in something to inspire creativity.

Let’s chat. The possabilities are endless.
Let’s make history.

Lets make history