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Campbell Classics

A division of ITLPress bringing you simple and beautiful classic novels.


Classics… But why?

We believe classic novels — because of their longevity; which has proven a deep quality in these particular books — have the power to change the world.

We live in stories. We are story. — Kind of a crazy statement, but it’s true. You don’t drink coffee in the morning because it’s made up of such and such parts atoms and molecules. You drink coffee in the morning because it tastes good, because it makes you feel good — that’s your story. Or it doesn’t taste good and it doesn’t make you feel good.

Regardless, you and I live in stories. Everyday we wake up because we’re telling ourselves the story of our lives.

'Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.

Mark Twain

One of the most classic tales of all time;


We wanted to create a neat edition that you could enjoy.

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