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Let The Adventure Begin.

We’re a premiere publishing company, primarily focusing on children’s, mid-grade, and YA novels. We like original, imaginative books that inspire and transform.

Campbell Classics

We believe classic novels have the power to change the world.

Young Adult Novels

Novels that will make you laugh and cry all in the same sitting.

Project Eden

Short stories for adults because reading is hard and books are long.

Polar Bear Club

It’s our mission — our service to you — to provide the latest and greatest in children’s book publishing.

stevi and henry's adventures in wonderland

Featured Book

Discover One of Our Favorites

This charming and as-exciting-as-a-telephone-pole (when telephone poles were first invented, of course) novel is a rewrite of the beloved classic, “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland,” but with modern twists and heaps of charm — and Martians, sentient gnomes, and a few shades of the Arabian Nights.

Book Blog

Why write? And lattes.

Clarify. Learn. Practice. Skills. Lattes. Fun. Struggle. Doubt. Belief. Love. Curiosity. Practice. Mystery. Magic. Who really knows? Not me. The fun is in the mystery. So why ruin it? Why try to explain it? Why not just do it? Why do I like drinking lattes? I don’t...

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Lawn Mower and Rage (A Short Story)

Fred really needed to get his lawn mower started. It was bad enough what had happened the night before with his wife. “This can never happen again,” she’d said. Fred shook his head. He wanted to forget last night, but he couldn’t shake it. And so Fred yanked the...

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