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Diary of a Gamer Noob

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Great for kids ages 7-13.

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Imagine if you got on your school bus in the morning and, instead of it taking you to school, it takes you to a Battle Royale Island — because that’s basically what happened to me…

I’m a gaming noob. I admit it. I don’t really play video games. Which I wish I had. Because Battle Royale happened to me in real life.

After the meteor crashed down on our school nothing was ever the same.

One ordinary (yet not so ordinary day AT ALL) I got detention. When I arrived in the detention room our principal took us–my three friends and I–in an airplane and flew us to Death Island.

He told us we were a squad and that I was the leader. Our plane got shot down and we landed on the island, in a Battle Royale fight against 800 other students from other high schools. Our crazy principal told us it was up to us to save the island.

But mostly I just wanted to stay alive, and keep my friends alive. Which meant we had to be the last team standing.

This is the Crazy and Extreme DIARY OF A GAMER NOOB — An Epic Battle Royale In Real Life.

Strap in for the ride of your life. Because you’re about to get caught in a storm of action, adventure and fun!

4 reviews for Diary of a Gamer Noob

  1. Conor Morrissey

    omg so good i just cant explain it it was so good i’m not even kidding.

  2. Lee

    My son enjoyed this book.

  3. Kindle Guy

    okay the book is battle royale not a lie
    also Allen is noob in real life
    so yeah

    also this is probaly the greatest book i have ever read
    it has a good price i reccomend getting it (though i have kindle unlimited )

  4. itlpress

    love it.

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