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Captain Beauchamp (The Beauchamp Series Book 1)


The strangest book you’ve never ever read…

Pick up Disco Beauchamp to continue the series.


Welcome to the world of Beauchamp. This is the first book of the last book that you'll never be able to finish/stop/put down/eat or read ever again. The first installment of the Beauchamp Series takes us back to the 1700s. Back when town jugglers, talking cannon balls, and gelatin monsters were a thing.

When Captain Beauchamp finds himself voluntarily volunteered to capture the most dreaded pirates in the Spanish Main (which is an ocean), he's so worried that his mustache falls clean off his face.

Not to worry, it grows back instantly along with his courage.

Captain Beauchamp puts together a team of highly-skilled sailors to help him hunt the infamous John Wellington and his dreaded pirates loss.

NO Captain who has ever hunted the pirates has ever succeeded in capturing them. Every captain who has tried to capture the pirates loss was tickled to death in a feather fight and never seen again.

Can Captain Beauchamp and his skilled sailors capture the most elusive dreaded pirates loss, bring them to justice, and bring peace to England?

Or will he die in a tickle fight trying?
Join us as we set sail.This is the first installment of the Beauchamp series with much more to come.

1 review for Captain Beauchamp (The Beauchamp Series Book 1)

  1. Julie Diaz

    This book is one of a kind…completely unique….incredibly imaginative …the characters in this book are hilarious ….my nephew and niece loved it !!!!

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