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Ghostwriting, a craft of concealed wordsmiths. It saves time, lends expertise, and shields the author’s identity. Yet, in the shadowed collaboration, transparency remains a matter of honor.


You’re not a professional author. Nor do you have time to become one.


We’re exactly that. Professional authors, here to raise the quality of your content so you stand out as a professional in your field.


With all this extra time you’re free to focus on what truly matters.

AJ Diaz

AJ Diaz

Author [Mid Grade - Young Adult Novels]

This is AJ, and he’s thirty-years old, and he doesn’t like snow.
And he writes books. He wrote thirty books before my thirtieth birthday as a present for myself.
I also didn’t write this paragraph.

And I’m going to make a cup of coffee soon. I love coffee.
And you’re here because I write books. Good to meet you. Let’s talk soon.

Allen Diaz

Author [Non-fiction]

Allen Diaz aka S.J Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, pastor, and father of three.
He takes his coffee black just like the belt around his waist [and I don’t mean the one from kirkland].

Allen got his start writing Minecraft books then moved then began to share his business experience in nonfiction including everything from SEO to Contract Law.

James Diaz

James Diaz

Author [Kids books - Mid Grade Novels]

James is the only person to successfully write a book about penguins and elvis.

He became an author after starting his music career and realizing he enjoyed writing the music more than playing.

Since then he’s written multiple midgrade novels, started developing a videogame and read the catechism in German.

You could say he’s pretty cool.

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