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Brought to you by In The Light Press, INC.

Time is your enemy.

And that’s why I’m your greatest friend.

I’m AJ, one of the overly-qualified ghost writers here at IN THE LIGHT PRESS.

I’ve written for many top executives and influential persons of influence like…

Can’t tell you!

Because I’m a ghost writer. (And ghost protocol is taken very seriously here — the movie and the principles).

My client roster is top secret and double sealed and has a cherry on top.

And since I can’t reveal my client list, my writing will have to speak for itself:

YOU HAVE GREAT THOUGHTS even when you’re not in the shower but you haven’t gotten them OUT into the world because you’re so busy.

Perhaps you’ve made dozens, or thousands, of videos. But you have nothing written.

That’s where I come in, swinging on a chandelier/wrecking-ball-type-situation.

To tell you.


I’ll do the heavy lifting. FOR YOU. And even some light lifting and maybe even some stretching.

I’ll take your thoughts and give voice to them in written form.

And these articles will live forever.

EVERGREEN CONTENT — for your website, for your brand, for all of the interesting and popular online platforms —

And for syndication!

That would be one of our main goals.

We want major publications to share your content forever and always — that’s Shania Twain, not Taylor Swift, in case you’re trying to get cute.

Great thing is we can collate content together to create a book.

Imagine having a book with your name on it.


Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Become even more of a powerhouse player.

And spread the wealth of your knowledge to the world.

And watch Saturday morning cartoons. Civilization peaked during the 1990s Batman and Spiderman animated shows.

Our mission (should you choose to accept it!) will be to become the voice of your industry through written content.

As for me, here’s on of my deep shower thoughts:

Written content is the bedrock of society — and so is bedrock. Unless you live in Venice.

That’s Venice, Italy, not Venice who-the-fu**-cares.

Let’s make this happen.


You have questions. Therefore we have questions.

Content of Choice?


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AJ Diaz

AJ Diaz

YA Fiction, Childrens, Non-fiction

This is AJ, and he’s thirty-years old, and he doesn’t like snow.
 And he writes books. He wrote thirty books before my thirtieth birthday as a present for myself. 
I also didn’t write this paragraph.
And I’m going to make a cup of coffee soon. I love coffee.
And you’re here because I write books. Good to meet you. Let’s talk soon.

Allen Diaz

Allen Diaz


Allen Diaz aka S.J Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, pastor, and father of three. 
He takes his coffee black just like the belt around his waist [and I don’t mean the one from kirkland].
Allen got his start writing Minecraft books then moved then began to share his business experience in nonfiction including everything from SEO to Contract Law.

Mycalah Diaz

Mycalah Diaz


Mycalah. What can I say except “She crazy.” With an IQ over 156 and less than 158 she weighs in at 4.2 pounds. How you ask? Because the weight of her brain is the only thing that matters.

When she’s not writing or enhancing men’s style she enjoys dabbling in anti-corporate espionage.

James Diaz

James Diaz


James is the only person to successfully write a book about penguins and elvis.
He became an author after starting his music career and realizing he enjoyed writing the music more than playing.
Since then he’s written multiple midgrade novels, started developing a videogame and read the catechism in German.
You could say he’s pretty cool.