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Disco Beauchamp (The Beauchamp Series Book 2)


The boogiest book you’ve never ever read…

A disco driven adventure by James Diaz.


Elijah Alexander Beauchamp II was raised by Chimpanzees. When he turned 18, he aspired for more in life than what he had at the London Zoo. Elijah enrolled in Oxford University. He quickly found himself in a predicament when he got into a Disco Dance-Off with all four of the members of the biggest fraternity on campus, the Kappa Fraternity.

Not to worry Elijah makes friends with the Gamma Fraternity A.K.A the Kappa frat's arch enemy. Together, Elijah and his new friends: Don Diego, Trip J, and Bud the Spud, will take on the Kappa frat in a disco dance-off for the top fraternity of Oxford University.

Can Beauchamp and the Gamma Fraternity beat the Kappa Fraternity? Or will the Kappa frat utterly destroy Beauchamp and the Gamma frat?

This is the second installment of the Beauchamp series with much much more to come.


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