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Beauchamp and the Napoleonic War (The Beauchamp Series Book 3) PREORDER SIGNED EDITION



Great for kids ages 7-13.

You can order this book from Amazon, BUT, if you order from here, you will receive a copy signed by the author and artist Cody Schoeni.
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The Sneakiest book you’ve never ever read…

Napoleon Bonaparte has the perfect plan to conquer all of Europe. The battle will take place on a Tuesday at a little place called Waterloo. The Duke of Wellington aka the only man who can stop Napoleon has been kidnapped (Spoiler alert, not really, but kinda, but really not at all, he gets kidnapped in the first chapter).

Who is the man who kidnapped the Duke? What is his plan? And how will the Duke of Wellington be un-kidnapped? These are all the things that Agent Beau has to figure out ASAP-A-RENO. He will search to the top of the Eiffel Tower, search out the depths of the Louvre, post up at the Arc de Triomphe, but he will NEVER ever eat a croissant.

Join in on the third installment of the Beauchamp Series as the devilishly handsome Agent Beau seeks to save the kidnapped Duck... I mean Duke of Wellington in time for the Duke of Wellington to stop Napoleon and save all of Europe from an unsightly demise.

This is the third book in the Beauchamp Series with more to come.
Thank you,
James S. Diaz


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