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Stevi and Henry’s Adventures In Wonderland


Great for kids ages 7-14.

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"I've never not read this book. In fact, I'm reading it right now." - Mad Hatter

Embark on the most fun you'll ever have (other than that time you tried putting a fork in that outlet) with Stevi and Henry as they embark on their greatest adventure yet:

Falling down the rabbit hole into WONDERLAND.

This charming and as-exciting-as-a-telephone-pole (when telephone poles were first invented, of course) novel is a rewrite of the beloved classic, "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland," but with modern twists and heaps of charm -- and Martians, sentient gnomes, and a few shades of the Arabian Nights.

When Stevi and Henry, best friends forever and a day, fall down the rabbit hole, their lives are turned topsy-turvy and a little bit upside-down. They face off against giant snakes and spiders in the caverns of Arabia, they quench tremendous hunger with curiously-obtained and delicious churros, and they meet Paul Bunyan and his wrecking house of a dog.

Things get a little crazy in Wonderland.

Enter if you dare.

But, remember, it's a mad world.

This is a great novel for young and intermediate readers. And parents will enjoy the charms and wiles of this iteration of the trippy and unexpected Wonderland. For generations to come. And even a few generations after those ones. And toast. With butter.

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