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Herobrine In Real Life

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Great for kids ages 7-13.

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STEVI AND HENRY are at it again in this Minecraft-fan adventure inspired by the bestselling game!

Minecraft comes into real life again. But this time it brings with it the most scary villain in all of Minecraft: Herobrine.

When Minecraft comes to Earth, all of the mobs come to Earth. The bad ones--like creepers, zombies, spiders, skeletons and more! And the good mobs--like pigs and llamas and sheep.

Problem is, Herobrine is so powerful he can mind-control the evil mobs and the GOOD mobs. He can turn good pigs evil. And he can mind-control humans, even your parents.

Which means Stevi and Henry don't know whom to trust as long as Herobrine is alive.

Stevi and Henry are only ten-years-old, but they get swept away in this adventure and fly to South America in a Flying Machine where they must battle Herobrine. Or die trying.

Since this story is about Herobrine, it's scary. Maybe the scariest Minecraft story you've ever read. So strap in for the ride, if you dare.

HEROBRINE IN REAL LIFE is a fun and fast-paced adventure story for kids ages 7-12. It ties into Minecraft and is nearly impossible for kids to put down. More than that, it emphasizes the themes of friendship and self-sacrifice. Your kids will love it.

3 reviews for Herobrine In Real Life

  1. Regan Archer

    Nice book! The plotline’s exciting, intense, and edgy, but not too much to scare away readers, your Herobrine is a fresh look on the character, Stevi and Henry are awesome, and the book’s impossible to put down! Five stars!

  2. Timothy

    Ummmmm, this book is so awesome.

  3. Patricia Gerfin (Amazon Review)

    I bought this book for my grandson and he read it in two days!

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