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Catherine: Roses &


The Winter Eden Series | by AJ Diaz

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Hey, my name is AJ.
I write novels. In fact, I’ve written 30 novels. In fact, I’m writing right now. But not this. Last fact, I wrote Catherine: Roses and Thorns apart of the Winter Eden Series. It’s pretty cool. At least I think so. But I’m curious what you think.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join the launch of this fast-paced, steam punk filled, sword slicing, smoke puffing, train racing, young adult novel.

Here's how:

1. Download the Catherine eBook below.

2. Read. Preferably out-loud to your dog.

3. Tell us what you think. If you like it, leave a review.

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AJ Diaz


My name is AJ, and I’m thirty-years old, and I don’t like snow. And I write books.

I wrote thirty books before my thirtieth birthday as a present for myself.

And I’m going to make a cup of coffee soon. I love coffee.

And you’re here because I write books. Good to meet you. Let’s talk soon.


Kora: And The Girl From Prison

Complete the Winter Eden Series with Kora:

We want to send you a free copy of the novel (eBook or paperback: your choice).

If you’re willing to give us a review.

Here’s what it’s all about:

A third-rate smuggler, though she hates being called that.

Kora is in prison. But she desperately wants her freedom. She’s a smuggler. She lives for the open skies. She lives for the adventure.

When her freedom comes in the most unlikely of ways, she finds herself beholden to the Resistance, a movement she could care less for.

Furthermore, she finds herself on the most dangerous mission of her life.

Contact us below and we’ll send you a copy.


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