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Night Shift

Night Shift: (After Day Shift)


Micah Butler

James S. Diaz

What is Night Shift?

‘The Night Shift’ meets surreal humor in a comedic story of redemption.

It's a plain comedy. And I don't mean the one that flies over your head.

James Diaz

The truest original story ever told.

Psych [specifically S.3 E.9]

Marx Brothers

Phineos and Ferb

Better Off Dead

Who is Night Shift...?

The Night Shift is going to take over the world and
whether you’re apart of it is up to you.

But this one thing is true.

Original. Comedy will change the wold.
And Dostoevsky agreees with me and we have a book club.

The point is, life is better with a genuine laugh and
the Marx brothers’ genius came from pushing bounderies
with original content.

This is exactly what we did and exactly who we think you are
so give it a read and see what you think.

Thank you for listening to my TedTalk.

If you made it this far you might as well smash that button and give it a whirl.

Meet The Characters


veteran cop

Frank is an old cop with just the right amounts of Gray hair. He’s one of the creators of the rules and hold the night shift in balance.


new cop

Phil is a naive new recruit being trained by Frank in more than just good police work but how the rules of the Night Shift as well.


mob boss

Charlie is the big bad dude. The son of Frank’s brother Tony and heir to the Italian crime family.


new nurse

Maria is new to the night shift. Before she can get a handle on this crazy world she falls in love with Phil and ultimately calls him into his destiny.




The Doctor is a wild man who parachutes into work every day and tends to use unorthodox medical practices. But with the help of some boa constrictors and comedic relief he gets the job done.


veteran nurse

Elizabeth is fully integrated into the night shift. She acts as Maria’s mentor assisting her transition to the new world.


veteran mob boss

Tony is the brother of Frank and co-writer of the night shift rules.