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dear vulnerability,

April 2, 2024
AJ Diaz

you deserve sweet time

in the sunshine sunning

years gone by years

without your face so stunning


vulnerability without sharpness

is dull as a dull day

a humid hug and a sweaty brow

and nothing much more to say

be vulnerable

and be sharp too

be vulnerable

but be smart through


isn’t only pearls

but sharp knives

and swine who hurl

lesser things in

with your supposed repose

they’ll drag you down

and make of you sweet din

when fear haunts

we can hide or expose

what they can’t see they can’t hit

and what they can they can

but you

you can be so much more

than vulnerability

than what you have currently in store

be vulnerable one day

but first be clever

be sharp

be wise and never

say what doesn’t need to be said

not everything needs to be said

not even your vulnerability

not even most tears that are shed

patience and learning

truth and foundation

these are the virtues

that can win entire nations

vulnerability’s cloak

is too often for dopes

who speak things so stupid

and don’t understand cupid

seduce a woman with


is just code-word for lazy

don’t sweep her off your feet instead

tell her how you’re scared at night before bed

no intentionality, no spark divine

no hard work, no biding time

just boring, boring

same old thing

vulnerability and ‘my shame’

what a cheap cheat

what a shady cloak — vulnerability

but, to the one who wears it

a tasty, delightful treat

addicting and oh, to the grave, so sweet

lull others with boring story

instead of telling

with your life

a damned good one


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