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Short Stories For Adults – Project Eden

August 9, 2023

Welcome to what we call PROJECT EDEN.

Your premiere (and free) email list.

We send you short stories written by our top-tier authors.

And we do it to save the world.

Nice and simple, yes?

“be forewarned the
first story is comedic but equally graphic.”


Clean and perfect.

The stories will be all genres: but mostly mystery/thriller and speculative.

You can expect one a month, sometimes more.

This is an exclusive list.

What’s in it for us?

We want you to get to know our authors.
And maybe you’ll take a look at their longer pieces of work.

You won’t find these short stories anywhere else.

Sign up for Project Eden.

Short stories straight to your inbox. From our hearts.

And a little bit from our basements. And a whole lot from our imaginations.

In the future, we’re looking to perhaps start a short story magazine. A new short story magazine hasn’t been launched in sometime.

But for now we’ll start here.

And you can be apart of the journey.

The other thing is this:

We write positive stories.

Hopeful stories.

Sure, some will be dark and haunting.

But, when it comes to the sci-fi/speculative stories, we believe in the future.

We’re futurists, like Walt Disney.

We believe that things can get better. That technology can be helpful (in fact, in many ways, it already has been) rather than detrimental.

That humans can achieve greater and greater things.


That’s our mission with Project Eden.

Stories have become so dystopian and so sad.

All of our renditions of the future represent a deep hopelessness that we have in the world right now.

Not so with ours.

We want to turn those tides.

Story is the most powerful thing on the planet.

More powerful than weaponry, more powerful than any piece of tech (including AI), more powerful than natural gas (or unnatural gas), more powerful than dictators and dweebs.

And stories come from humans.

(That’s another thing: we don’t use AI here. At all).

That means humans are powerful.

We prefer to write our stories with quill and ink but this looked cool. Does Ai use quill… I didn’t think so.

As they should be.

They’re made in the image of God.

That’s the other thing.

Ideology (simple ways of looking at the world) destroys.

We don’t like that.

We like pure entertainment: entertainment for the sake of it.

Art—artists reaching and not preaching.

Reaching towards something greater, something deeper, something more human, something more divine.

That’s what we look for in the authors we publish and the stories we tell.

Our stories will never talk down to you.

Will never hand you propaganda.

Will never treat you as if you’re stupid.

We want to entertain.

We want to mystify.

We want to give hope.

We want to tell the truth.

We want to believe in truth once more.

This is why we call it Project Eden.

Join the list.

Save the world.

One short story at a time.


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