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We’re The Fiji Water of The Publishing Business

August 9, 2023

You’ll see.

Entertainment used to be…


That’s special.

That’s rare.

Especially nowadays, when everything is propaganda. Everyone is lecturing us, talking down to us, treating us with so much contempt that I can’t watch movies made after 2010 (other than ‘Moneyball’ of course. and a few others).


Nothing is art.

Nothing is sacred.

In the past, we had fun at the movies.

Jurassic Park.

Indiana Jones.

Star Wars.

Gone With The Wind.

In the past, we had fun reading novels.

Michael Crichton.

Nicolas Sparks.

Dean Koontz.

Robert Ludlum.

In the past, TV was excellent.

Father Knows Best

I Love Lucy

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

And then something changed. The world tilted on its axis, in a bad way. And if someone doesn’t do something to straighten things out, things will only get worse.

We’re one generation from losing everything, yes?

Ronald Reagan said something as much.

“We’re forgetting our heroes. We’re forgetting that life is complicated. We’re forgetting the value of ‘pure’ entertainment.”

I’m a purist.

Ask my friends.

I like all things pure and good.

I prefer boxing over MMA: the rules are simpler and more pure.

When I play Halo 3 or Halo 5, I don’t go for the rocket launcher.

I stick with the pistol, headshots all the way.

(Also, remember when video games were fun. Before they became filled with insidious ideology).

The demons and serpents, the dark forces, are constantly spreading through everything that would have been good, that could have been good.

Jesus says, a little leaven ruins the whole bread.

‘purest water in the world’

Fiji water is rare, and so tasteful.

That’s what we hope to be.

Rare and pure and tasteful.

Something refreshing in the age of darkness.

A light. Has dawned.

If you have written a novel that you think fits this criteria, submit it to us.

The books that come from our publishing house will be…

Delightful. Dark. Light. Challenging. Terrible. Great. Confusing. Entertaining.

But you won’t be preached at.

You won’t be ‘loved’ or treated like a child.

Reading novels and nonfiction published by us will be, for you, a breath of fresh air.

Like coming out of a long dark tunnel and seeing the light of day.

Or taking that first sip of water after walking miles without. 𓄼

Or a first kiss after a long time away.

Or the warm sun in the morning.

Or a perfectly hand-crafted hot latte.

Stay tuned.


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