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dare to know your heart

April 2, 2024
AJ Diaz

but how can you dare to know your heart?

its secrets, buried deep

its secrets, even from you, does it keep

can you dare to touch your soul?

when all the world is go, go, go

and stillness, even, is overrated

and medication and meditation

and the walls crumbling — every tribe and every nation

who dares approach these gates?
of one’s own soul

who dares to think they can know?

what no one else knows?

is this selfish-inclination?

should I instead try to save the nations’ patients

should I be concerned with external events

outside of my control

or should I go deeper and deeper

into my elusive and fearsome soul

i tell myself it’s sweet

but is it though?

i tell myself it’s soft

but the flames have often scorched the hearth

of better things and better dreams

never is anything what it seems

secrets from the deep

and some secretes serene

secrets from myself does my heart keep

secrets on secrets and deep, sweet sleep

will not cure

this vagabond heart

this harlot who gives

all that it is to all that it is


do you dare approach this third rail?

you may find you are in a jail

your heart is locked from you

deeper than you could ever imagine

nothing you can say

no lies you can conjure

can reach far enough

into that fathom

less pit of despair

and you weren’t even aware

you were so damn not


it isn’t fair

is it fair?

who can know their own heart?

i cannot

and you cannot

then it’s all for naught

perhaps it is

then maybe in the meantime

we should all just



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