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i invented a new genre of novel

April 3, 2024
AJ Diaz

now that i don’t have your attention at all.

in way, shape, form, wind, water or fire —

let me tell you something neat & cool.

i like to perspire.

but only when i run.

really, really fast.

mad-dash dashing.

into novel ideas and dreams of new things, things.


and wings.

i’m off-topic ^^^

i wrote a novel (and it is published) called ‘CATHERINE: ROSES AND THORNS’ — it’s on Amazon and all that good stuff.

You can check, check

check it out.


But i ‘bent’ the genre a little, into its own new thing.


Which is the name of my alter-ego-80s-band-if-i-had-been-alive-during-that-time.

Magnets + Steampunk = MagnetPunk.

So that’s fun or whatever.

I don’t really care about genre. Or about talking about talking about.

Novel things.

So stupid.

And. And.

But I do like steampunk, and adding an odd polarity to the planet-in-question so that technology (which uses magnets) can high-jack said polarity and do interesting and deadly things to it —

That’s fun.

For me.

I had fun.

For you.

Cuz when I write — it’s all for you.

Darling and Daring and Delectable Reader.

Here’s what I wrote regarding this very important topic of my new genre — in the beginning of the novel —

Quick note from Mr. AJ Diaz,

You’re about to enter a world you’ve never been to, a world you’ve never before seen. It’s not dissimilar to steampunk — but it is its own new thing. It’s magnet punk, something that I haven’t come across in my readings.

The planet in which this story takes place is heavily polarized (in the scientific sense), the gravity is slightly different and, as such, engineers have figured out how to invent technology that takes advantage of these things. Many machines run off of magnet power. Many weapons use the planet’s polarity in their mechanics.

You’ll see…


And I really do hope you enjoy.

Because if I didn’t, that would be so freakin’ weird:

Like people who play keyboards with M&Ms on the keys.

And such stuff and things.

And wings.

Back to wings.

Always back.




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