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dear taylor swift,

April 3, 2024
AJ Diaz

and the falling rain and dancing in it.

and the sun glare on a chromatic hood and magnetic forces and stars drawn around scars and daring to begin again.

since 1989, so little and not enough and so much time.

enchanting audiences with her wildest dreams and nothing and everything has changed.

and thanks for being my friend during the melancholy days and allowing me to attach my best daydreams to your realities.

and your best dreams to my truest stories.

audiences rave, and I’ve never been to a concert.

but i know every song and every lyric has lived with me since i was young.

and that’s not nothing.

how does one live Fearless?

through many (cruel) summers and bright winters and inspired words. and seasons changing and heartbreak, breakdown, and dreams lost. and dreams found.

and then we grow up.

hand in hand.

and suddenly the world looks different.

not the same.

life has fallen from its elevated plane into the palms of our hands and we don’t know what to do with it.

and midnights have become our afternoons.

in our thirties.

and we knew so much when we were younger, dressed in cardigans that were left at the houses of charming others.

but the bruises and cuts on the fingertips are still there and they mean something.

and something is real.

and as the eve falls and eve falls.

and as i fall and you fall.

into these worlds that are in these worlds.

maybe i’ll catch you too.

in some dreams.

and in something more truer than true.

because we knew everything when we were young.

and it will all come back.

and when it does

that will be

the best day.


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