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What do you say when someone breaks up with you?

April 2, 2024
AJ Diaz

a question from QUORA ^^

and my answer:

don’t say anything.


follow the golden rule.

the most classic dating rule of all time.

Jesus, Buddha and all of the Greats stand by this rule:


why say anything?

they don’t want you.

get over it.

move on.

someone else, probably better, will want you.

unless you’re lame.

if you are lame.

stop being lame.

get abs and work hard.

do what your grandpa would want you to do.

buy a horse.

buy some land.

become a cowboy.


write a book.

become an expert at something.

walk like a man.

walk like Jesus.


never, ever under any circumstances, go back.

don’t hang out at the coffee shop your ex-girl goes to.

don’t hang out with her friends.

don’t answer her texts or messages.

and even when you become the-greatest-ever and she wants you back, continue moving on.

be like a man from the 1950s and just move on.

we live in a pathetic generation where everyone coddles everyone’s feelings. people don’t respect themselves nowadays. they lounge around on their phones all day waiting for things to change. and they play video games and do nothing.

don’t wait.



take action.

move on.

move on.

move on.

don’t be pathetic.

move on.

nothing needs to be said.


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