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Kora: and the girl from prison $17.99

The ostentatious tale of a third-rate smuggler.


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Meet The Team:


KORA, according to many, is a third-rate smuggler. Because she barely scrapes by.
But that’s not how Kora sees it. Or is it? In her mind, she lives for freedom, and she’ll get it at all costs. She’s more than willing to die trying. She’s a fighter. She doesn’t give up.
SCARLET is the soft-spoken empathetic member of the team. Unassuming, and yet a deadly shot. Trained by her father at a young age, she has the uncanny ability to never miss a shot. Maybe the best sniper in the land.
ALEX has never come into a situation she hasn’t thrown herself headlong into.
She’s always on the move, always in motion. Acts without thinking. However, beneath the fecundity of her action, she longs for more. She wants greatness.
FELIX is a born pirate from a family of pirates. Long, thick hair. Tanned skin.
Gangly frame. Lives for the skies. For the air. For the salt.
CORDELIA ELDER, of the family Elder, falls auspiciously into the company of Kora and crew. However, she is a young woman of secrets and mystery. Her shrouded past may come to light and may spin everyone connected to her for a whirl.
T] makes coffee.



Overview & Preview

139 Chapters

561 Pages

Kora: and the girl from prison

Enjoy Kora as we find her on the most dangerous mission of her life.


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